5 High-Paying Careers for Women 2022
As the world recovers from the global pandemic, people look into new forms of employment. While some enjoy working from home, many find it exhausting. They want their personal and professional time separated. That’s why more job seekers look into new career opportunities. The year 2022 offers many interesting jobs for women. Many of them are related to the health and managerial fields of the work market. But, these professions offer good salaries and work-life balance. Here are the most high-paying of them all.

Product Marketing Manager

This is a perfect position for women with good organizational skills. The high competition makes finding employment a challenge. Especially, when it's your first application. You should invest in professional resume services like Skillhub to improve your chances. Success means earning $75,000 as an entry-level product marketing manager. Top-level professionals get $100,000 annually. On average, the salary is $88,000 a year or 37$ an hour. Product marketing managers are responsible for several things:  
  • Explaining the product to the market
  • Training salespeople in the best ways of selling products
  • Working on marketing elements that explain product innovations
  • Coming up with campaigns and marketing tools to attract the most customers
A nice salary requires many skills. For starters, a candidate needs a degree in marketing. During their work, specialists work closely with product management and marketing. Such specialists can find themselves in both small and big companies. For example,  Amazon and Microsoft.

Occupational Therapists

Women have historically been the majority of occupational therapists. Despite the fact that it’s largely a niche profession, it’s still in demand. Many women choose this career path to help other people. It's also the reason there are so many of them in the medical field. Occupational therapists help patients regain the function of their limbs. It’s currently one of the highest-paying careers women can enjoy. On average, occupational therapists earn about $61,000. But, those more experienced can get that number over $94,000 or more. As with all jobs, qualifications and experience play a big part in calculating the salary.

Management Analyst

Those with analytical minds and a knack for management can check out this profession. Management analysts consult companies about their current organizational structure. They provide advice on improving the situation. Management analysts review reports and other instructional materials for employees. Women with a bachelor’s degree in business or a Master’s in business administration have higher chances. Many choose the vocation due to a good work-life balance. It’s a good challenge for those with high emotional intelligence and logical thinking. On average, women management analysts earn about $78,884 per year.

Nurse Practitioner

There’s no shortage of women wanting to become nurse practitioners. They are far better at carrying about and helping out people. Most experts in this field perform the regular duties of physicians. But, this happens under a doctor's supervision. Many become nurse practitioners to later get into medical school for higher degrees. It’s also a good position for mothers who want to earn well. Flexible hours are also a great motivation. Nurse practitioners can spend more time with loved ones and friends. They often work at clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. This is one of the highest-paying jobs for women. On average, nurse practitioners in the US earn about $93,000 annually. The average hourly pay is 43$. Less experienced professionals earn up to $80,000, while high-end employees earn $110,000 annually.

Physician Assistant

Another popular vocation is physician assistant. Women specialists earn around $95,000 each year in the United States. Newly graduated pharmacists can expect a $72,000 yearly salary. The yearly salary of the most experienced totals $130,000. Female physician assistants are more common in women’s health and pediatrics. But, they are not rare in other areas. It's their job to assist physicians. In their work, they also do the jobs of surgeons and doctors. The position is very close to being an actual physician. But, assistants don’t have an M.D. degree. It’s a good way of learning and practicing medical knowledge without spending money on formal education. There’s also the ability to set up an independent shop instead of working at hospitals.


Pharmacists are one of the most promising professions. Average salaries in the field reach $97,604 a year or $47 per hour. The competition in this niche has never been higher. There are about 11,300 job openings expected each year. Pharmacists often work at drugstores and pharmacies. They can also distribute drugs to patients at clinics and hospitals. This position is perfect for women due to their empathic nature. Working as a pharmacist offers great opportunities for a good life balance. That’s because the hours are fixed and specialists are rarely called on demand. There’s also the opportunity of working full or half-time. The latter option is great for mothers who are raising pre-daycare children. It also allows for getting a second job. Being a certified pharmacist also means that you can run your own business. But, working for employers is also an option.


Women in 2022 can choose from many professions in various fields. They offer great income opportunities and work-life balance. But, almost all need higher education to get into. Read more about each of them before making a decision.